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Assignment: On topics arising in the film “The Internet’s Own Boy”

Posted 1/11/2021 edited 24/11/2021

Digital artefact creation 6th December 2021

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Digital Arts Documentaries Poetry & Media Poetry by Dior

about ‘If only-‘

If only- the poem. I wrote this in 2010 in the days immediately after my first visit. I wanted to commemorate the death of 79 young Irish boys, sons and siblings, who are buried in a remote graveyard next to the Connemara National Park.

If only- cover page

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I continue to visit the graveyard at least once every summer and bring all my summer visitors there.

If only- the documentary. In 2021 I produced a documentary film in that location as part of a Media Production Traineeship. The performance documentary, although the imperfect work of students, is a piece of reflection and something I am very glad to have captured on film.

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Details of the burial ground: St Joseph’s cemetery, Letterfrack

Click here to read about the boys buried thereBoy’s Names and Details from Burial site