Choosing digital artwork

 Pick any digital artwork of your choice …

I have zero experience in the digital artwork space. Orla you did introduce us to some excellent examples in class. I enjoyed exploring Holes and Flower at that time.

Friends, I took a tour around all your digital artwork suggestions and had a novel experience thanks to the DAH class of 2021. If any site proved hard to load which did happen I did not linger. I have little patience where the tech is concerned. Don’t ask me to sign in or download apps. The Skelligs was my first port of call and it was interesting as the boat did not sail on the day I visited. This is a taster and I am all the more convinced I need to walk in that terrain!

I enjoyed the ee cummings interpretation as poetry is another big interest of mine. I time travelled to Carlow Arts Festival 2021 to experience The Merkl Machine.I also had the novel experience of June’s TIKtok Party.

In fact I have used the UCC studio, (with minimal success), to record some poetry reading for Christmas. I am eschewing the Christmas card and letter for the first time and going digital with both an advent and a Christmas Greeting. I was going to do a reading of Patrick Kavanagh’s ‘A Christmas Childhood’, when I came across a performance of it by a young Monaghan boy that could not be beaten! The poem was actually on the shortlist for ‘A Poem for Ireland’ RTE campaign in 2015.

You will learn more here and hopefully enjoy this piece of digital artwork.

Sometimes it’s the small hidden gems that are most memorable.