Time Travel Dior

“As way leads on to way……” Robert Frost

TimePlaceActivity Experience
to 3 children
First flight to Brussels Move to summer home in the Ardennes. Experience with horses and swimming with kids I learnt French cooking
Schloss Gobelsberg
Overland solo train journey Brussels to Vienna x 2. Hosted wine sales tour of Austria. Vinyard to Delivery truck Catering and wine bar work while living in an open Museum
1976MeauxAu-pair to 7 childrenHike on WW1 border between France & Germany(Treaty of Versailles) visit to Struthof Concentration Camp on family holiday. Unforgettable!
1977ParisSight seeingAll the Parisian firsts with a ‘feu d’artifice’ at Versailles Palace Gardens on mid-summer’s night Magique!
1988PérigeuxProf d’anglaisTeaching exchange to Lycée Bertrand de Born, Road trips from La Rochelle to Genève with some alpine snow adventures, city breaks and seaside visits
1989 Buriram state
Au Pair to 3 missionary childrenMeeting & Greeting locals Learnt some Thai Visited local school Was “farang, farang” on her bike cycling to P.O. Bartering in Bangkok markets Sea swims in Hua Hin
1989Down UnderVisiting friends on open-jaw ticket to 3 citiesJackie (friend from infant school) & family in Brisbane
Joe & Denise former teachers of mine in Sydney Detour to Gosford and on to Perth & Freemantle in WA Being identified as the Irish guests because we were out walking in July sunshine Mid-winter!
1990Bolivia & PeruVisit with a Dutch missionary in La Paz, Bolivia
Visit with an Irish nun in ‘la paroquia católica’, in Nasca, Peru
Nothing to compare the colorful city of La Paz at high altitude and the even higher tent city of EL Alto on the mountain top. the street traders with babies on their backs and merchandise on their heads would descend the mountain paths to set up for a days trading All color Trip to Lake Titicaca and boat builder’s workshop Seeing the Nasca lines Getting caught in fraught atmosphere of Presidential Elections in Lima Scary!
1991 Drive across Europe x4Bringing medical supplies for a poly clinic in Galatz Romania
Second trip
bringing baby food to Brasov
Border crossings, deep snow driving conditions, foreign exchange for petrol, meeting highwaymen in the mountains, loosing an engine pipe to fire on New Years Day and spending the day in a wooden hut with two guardian ang els communicating in Esperanto and assuring them we had “Wasser distilate” on board!
Visiting a hospital blood testing laboratory and knowing how far behind European standards for equipment they were! Sobering!